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5lb Bio bag (manure based)

5lb Bio bag (manure based)

Bio Bag - 5lb Manure-Based Substrate


Embark on a sustainable and fruitful journey in mushroom cultivation with our Bio Bag, a 5lb manure-based substrate designed to nurture robust and bountiful mushroom growth. Aspiring and seasoned cultivators alike will appreciate the natural excellence packed into this convenient bag.


Key Features:

  • Manure Magic: Our Bio Bag is enriched with nutrient-rich manure, providing your mushrooms with the organic goodness they need to thrive. Manure has long been recognized for its exceptional ability to support vigorous mycelium colonization and fruiting.


  • Mycelium's Perfect Partner: Our Substrate Bags are tailor-made to create an optimal environment for mycelium growth. When combined with our grain spawn, they form a powerful duo that ensures robust and productive results.

  • Moisture Precision: We've fine-tuned the moisture content inside these bags to perfection. This precision ensures your mycelium thrives, colonizes efficiently, and embarks on its journey towards a bountiful harvest.

  • Contamination Resistance: These bags offer an extra layer of protection against contaminants. Your cultivation environment remains pristine, increasing the likelihood of a successful yield.

  • Effortless Cultivation: Mushroom cultivation has never been easier. Simply mix these bags with your grain spawn, and watch your mycelium flourish. These bags are designed with ease of use in mind, accommodating both beginners and seasoned growers.

  • Versatile Compatibility: Our Substrate Bags are compatible with a wide range of mushroom species. Whether you're cultivating gourmet varieties like oyster and shiitake or focusing on medicinal strains like reishi, these bags are versatile and reliable.

Experience the future of mushroom cultivation with our 5lb Substrate Bags. Their innovative packaging not only enhances freshness but also simplifies your cultivation process. Whether you're preparing a bag, a monotub, or an outdoor patch, MyGrainCo's premium vacuum-sealed substrate bags are ready to elevate your mushroom cultivation adventures to new heights.


    Substrate Type: Manure-Based

    Substrate Size: 5lb (2.27kg) per bag

    Hydrated to Field Capacity: Our substrates are meticulously hydrated to the ideal field capacity. This precise moisture level ensures optimal conditions for mycelium colonization and mushroom fruiting.

    Pasteurized for Purity: Each substrate undergoes a thorough pasteurization process to eliminate unwanted contaminants, providing a clean and sterile environment for mushroom growth.

    Vacuum-Sealed Packaging: Our substrates are vacuum-sealed to preserve freshness and prevent contaminants from entering the bags. This innovative packaging ensures the integrity of the substrate until you're ready to use it.

    Nutrient-Rich Composition: Our substrates contain a carefully balanced blend of organic ingredients, including manure, to provide essential nutrients that support healthy mycelium growth and robust mushroom yields.

    Versatile Compatibility: These substrates are compatible with a wide range of mushroom species, making them suitable for various cultivation projects, from gourmet to medicinal mushrooms.

    User-Friendly: Designed for both beginners and experienced growers, our substrates simplify the cultivation process. Just mix with  with your chosen grain spawn, and observe the magic of mushroom growth.

    Sustainable Choice: By choosing our vacuum-sealed 5lb substrates, you're making an eco-conscious decision. Our sustainable packaging and natural substrate components align with environmentally friendly cultivation practices.

    Ideal for Bag,  Monotub, or Outdoor Patch  Cultivation: Whether you're setting up a bag or monotub cultivation system, or you are going to make a big outdoor patch, our substrates are versatile and ready to support your mushroom cultivation endeavors.

    Shelf Life: Our substrates are a live organic product. They can be stored cool or refrigerated for 2-3 weeks, or frozen for use later. We recommend letting the bags acclimate to your environment for a couple days and using them fresh.


    Experience the convenience and reliability of our vacuum-sealed 5lb substrates, hydrated to field capacity and pasteurized for purity. These substrates are your key to successful and sustainable mushroom cultivation. Simply choose your preferred mushroom species, inoculate, and watch your mycelium flourish. MyGrainCo is committed to providing you with the best substrates for your mushroom cultivation projects.


    On our substrates products we offer a 7 day no questions garuntee that our substrates will show up ready to use. It is best practice to wait a minimum of 1 week after arrival before mixing with grain bags to ensure they were not compromised during transit. Rest assured that your purchase is 100% guaranteed. If your bag was compromised, we will replace it. 


    View our entire return policy here.


    Our grain substrate products usually ship within 2-3 bussiness days. You will recieve an email when your items have been shipped.


    Shipping Rates: Shipping rates are calculated based on the weight of your order and the shipping destination. You can view the shipping cost during the checkout process.

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